About US

Our corporate leadership team has expertise in wide array of digi-tech marketing. Brand strategy alignment specialists whom know exactly what your consumers want, need and are looking for. We put your business name in their hand online so they tell the world wide web and all they do business with that they support your Brand ! Take them from fan to team player and keep them loyal for life.


KENNETH J. Herrholz

PRESIDENT / Director of Marketing

Kenny understands your brand and has almost a decade of experience in brand awareness. His product placement on ecommerce made him the top candidate for this organization.


Eric j. Herrholz

CEO / Chief Executive Officer

Eric J. Herrholz is the diligence behind the developers coding. Where the code team leans to get leverage in a cyber insecure world wide web, we have the best. The encoding and transcoding of the early onset through digital streaming had many encryption layers in which Herrholz conceptualized and initiated.

Umair Rafiq

Chief Technology Officer

Umair has the knowledge and skill set like no other in the industry. He has traveled the digital world more than "NEO" and is second to no one in the industry. Educated by the University however was a self taught expert long before needing a degree to recognize his talent.

Stuart Petersen


Stu Petersen is advisor and legal council to CoBrand2 LLC . Stu knows legalese inside and outside the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).