Maximize your brand’s potential with integrated email solutions

Maximize your brand’s potential with integrated email solutions

A vanity email address is a short, easy to remember and personalized email address that reflects your personality.

Many Internet users have, as their primary email address, a free mailbox provided by Gmail or Yahoo, or an ISP-based email address that was automatically assigned to them when they set up an account with their Internet service provider. The user must often choose a long, obscure address because their preferred name is unavailable.

Furthermore, once the user has been using the same address as their primary email address, and has distributed it to all their contacts they are more-or-less stuck with it.

The benefits of vanity email

That's where vanity email comes in. A vanity email address obscures the user's actual, primary email address, with one that is more concise, appealing, and which better reflects the identity of that user, or their business.

When a user subscribes to a vanity email service, they can change their forwarding address multiple times and their contacts can still email them. If their vanity email address represents a role in their company, they can rotate the forwarding recipient without any interruptions in service.

Email is the original social network

In the age of social media, email is still one of the most widely-used and important ways of circulating information among networks of individuals. CoBrand2 can leverage the power of this established, extensively-used electronic medium to reach your customers and learn about connections, their interests, and their patterns of communication.