Fight.TV Apps

Fight.TV Apps

CoBrand2 is developing a suite of games and other apps for Fight TV, using augmented reality, geolocation, and integrated cryptocurrency technology. Fans of the Fight.TV streaming service can put the action in their own hands with our mobile apps.

Fight TV Round 1

This game gives the opportunity to build hand eye coordination simultaneously entertaining the novice or pro. Let your hands go and use those kicks to drop your opponent on FIGHT.TV. The game will come to life in front of you! If you move your device, the players will move with it.

Get Fight.TV Round 1 in the Google Play store.

Scraps Book

Fight fans can create a jounal of all the fights they've attended, where they stayed, what they did in town, and they can share these memories with each other. Remember all the great fights with your friends, with Scraps Book from Fight.TV.

Get Scraps Book in the Google Play store.

More to come

We are currently developing other cool and exciting apps, like Fight TV Fitness, where you can set health goals and follow workout routines to get that fighter physique; Fight TV Face-off, where you can add a famous fighter to a photo of your choice, and share with friends; and Fight TV TKO, an augmented-reality game where you can find fighters and convert them into points and prizes!

You can learn more about these apps at Apps.Fight.TV.