What the Blank?!?

What the Blank?!?

Do you remember Mad Libs? You start with a piece of text that's missing some words. You ask a friend for the words—a noun, a verb, an adjective.

exclamation! he said adverb as he jumped into his convertible noun and drove off with his adjective wife."

You fill in the friend's answers, and read back the hilarious results.

Ouch! he said stupidly as he jumped into his convertible cat and drove off with his brave wife."

What the blank uses the same principle, but in audio form! Simply record a few answers to some questions, press Play, and What the BLANK?! will play a ridiculous story that you’ll want to share with your friends via text and email. You can even ask someone out by just answering some questions.

Screen shots


You can download What The Blank in the Apple App Store.