YouAR.Live is an exciting, innovative approach to augmented reality—a ‘meta-app’ in which you can create your own augmented reality solution, designed with your customers in mind. Which YouAR.Live, you can:

  • Create an AR for your online store where customers can explore products by scanning your full or empty packages at home, office or on the go;
  • Attract new consumers to retail stores through Augmented Reality by scanning your sign or printed ad, increasing the frequency (retention rate) of visits to retail stores;
  • Provide ability to order and deliver products to the door from your stores through AR experience;
  • Optimize your inventory management, investigate which products or group of products are selling better than others through analytics and report system;
  • Provide your potential partners and brands with an opportunity to create deeper Augmented Reality experiences for their products, thus bringing additional value


  • Boost your online sales by leveraging Augmented Reality
  • Build effective additional sales channels based on AR technology
  • Engage your customers in a new more seamless way
  • Optimize your sales process and inventory management
  • View detailed analytics of consumer behavior
  • Increase market share and total sales

You can start by going to, and by downloading the app.